President’s Message

Message from the President of PGMES



All praise be to Allah the Almighty and the Sustainer, who has made this space possible for the clinicians and health care providers working in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah to integrate, communicate and share common goals of improving patient care through research and education. 

A strong tree grows not only from a good seed but a well-nourished soil from a fertile garden. Being a post-graduate society, the goal is often broad and in recent times, maybe found redundant. In reality, however, there are empty and vacant gaps in between transitioning from junior doctors to specialty trainees. Postgraduate society stands to fill in these gaps. 

The society aspires to be the main avenue to nurture professional identity of clinicians and health care providers, with emphasis on acquiring high ethical values and leadership qualities. The values and qualities must include non-technical skills such as communication skills, situational awareness, decision-making capabilities, time management, public speaking and lecturing arts as well as maintaining medical professionalism in all aspect of healthcare services.

One of the foremost pillar in postgraduate medical education is self-directed learning, through which this society must play an important role. It is where clinical research education and research projects fortify knowledge acquired at the bedside. And for this reason, the PGMES always promote a healthy mentorship environment and simulation-based teaching to achieve good self-learning strategies through clinical experience. 

Let’s hope that the pandemic’s brighter side would bring us together to light up the torch that could enlighten us to achieve the outlined aspirations. Thank you for joining us on this journey.